Tuesday, March 21, 2006

AKA Lost

Well I finished this book yesterday.

I think my primary thought on it all is "well ya of course." I enjoyed it, it made me ask is evangelism a bad word? And I asked some more, what is the point?

So here are my thoughts:

Evangelism IS a bad word, worse then most 4 letter words. Why, to many people (aka Christians) have used evangelism to brow beat, humiliate, and just piss people off.

The point of what we will call "the artist formerly known as evangelism" is this abundant life that Christ talked about.

Salvation then must be contextual. While there are eternal elements it must be the focus. Life being contextual means Salvation is contextual.

For myself currently I really only care what Salvation means for skid row Los Angeles, aka the nickel.

So I see The abundant life in the following ways: Salvation means a spiritual awakening which leads to a relationship with God.

At the same time relationships with others are made and renewed.

Drugs and alcohol are left behind in search of a better life.

A person experiencing life will deal with life on life's terms even when ignoring life would be easier.

This person will have housing and income, hopefully a job.

This person will truly understand working out their salvation as it takes constant work.

The person experiencing salvation will work the twelve steps honestly with a sponsor or spiritual guide.

On the nickel I see very little if any difference between this process of salvation and the process known as recovery.


totally agree... evangelism is something we should be not do.

Fascinating to read about your work on skid row... keep going bro! You are being what Booth wanted us to be.

Will put the word out on the nanolog.


thomas aka headphonaught

By Blogger headphonaught, at 11:46 PM  

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