Friday, March 17, 2006

Army Calling

For some reason there is a lot of talk on Army blogs about evangelism. The army has long thought it could transplant the Army anywhere and it works. I actually think that whole understanding is flawed.

Here is the deal, where was the Army called from and too? The Urban poor.

Where has most of the Army's soldiers, officers, and corps gone? The suburbs.

See the problem.

No matter what metaphor we want to use, and The Salvation Army is more a brand then a metaphor anymore, if we do not recapture our calling to the Urban poor there is no point. So, why do we run day care centers, senior housing, kids programs, and the like in the burbs? Let someone else do it.

Why do we send the most resources to areas we don't belong?

I know that will get some eyes raised but do we belong everywhere? No we are a specific part of God's kingdom. People give us money to do work they are afraid to do. I'm fine with that, but why are we sending to the burbs. In USA West the nicest facilities, highest salary scales, are in the burbs. I think I'm going to stop because it makes me sad and angry, but why are where we don't belong?

We were raised up and called to the poor, how many in your congregation live below the poverty line?


Amen. If theres one primary way the Army is now removed from its initial mandate it is this moving away from the urban poor. Why we keep attempting to do church in the suburbs, competing with other far more competent churches, is beyond me.

By Blogger lucy AR, at 2:43 PM  

We have become, in part, the methodist church that Booth brought the army from!

All concerned with our tradition and not about the important stuff...

look at the emerging church movement and see what Booth got right all those years ago and see where we are going wrong now.


Thomas aka Headphonaught

By Blogger headphonaught, at 12:03 AM  

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