Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Church in the Burbs

Its been a while since I attended a burb church. You know, it smells good, people are dressed good, good sound system ect, a nice clean burb church. So I went on Sunday to raise some funds. It went well we will see how much comes in. I had a thought though. I was raised in burb churches. Until the past year it was all i knew. I felt so foreign. I mean it was like flashbacks all the sudden. I'm not saying it was bad, I found it a great church for an evangelical place. I just realized that I enjoy messy church if I am going to do church at all. For me it like most services did not mean much. I am blown away how much I have come to love the nickel and its people. I do not know how many hundreds have come and gone in the year but I realize that to get things accomplished one must get a little messy. So now we exist in a messy, messy world. I showed pictures of the nickel just 30 miles away. You'd think it was a different world. Well, I guess it is. I guess it is just a different world.


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