Thursday, March 16, 2006

Evangelism and such

Gordon has been having a discussion on evangelism over at his blog. My thoughts on the whole topic are really all over the map. For Gordon it seems he has issue with hidden hook evangelism, fun events just to present a high pressure sales pitch. My issue centers around this. Most evangelical evangelism (yes non-evangelicals do do evangelism) seems to be focused on getting people to heaven. Bums in heaven came up somewhere. This takes the focus of church and makes it bums (butts) in church and bums in heaven. These may be the same people but not necessarily. Saying the prayer seems to be the focus.

In general it just seems narrow to view evangelism as a church growth and eternal salvation thing. I mean when read the gospels salvation seems to be directly related to the here and now, every day life. To say the eternal does not matter might be oversimplification but it is not the focus, at least in my reading. In short life is not all about heaven and hell. Life is about life, the good news is not an escape from life but life abundant. If all the church can give me is hope for after die the who cares I'll be dead. The church must be able to give life here and now life, if we going to have any voice in the future.


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