Saturday, April 15, 2006


So tomorrow I clip on a mic and talk about something I don't want to talk about. Some days the death, the despair, the reality of skid row gets me down. Some days I'd rather talk about death then life. Some days I wonder at the sick twisted mercy of a God who would allow such mental illness. Some days I wonder.

Other days are joyous, where it all makes sense to me. The life the resurrection but those days are distant today. Some days all the theology works and other days it doesn't. Some days the crucifix is awesome others have empty the cross so beautiful. Some days I'm angry at God for coming back to life. Other days I wish he would just end it all.

And yet I read I see and I realize God isn't like me at all. He sees beauty in life, even life on the nickel. He sees beauty where I only see despair. He sees light where I can only see darkness. I think this is why he rose again, to mess with me. You see I can appreciate his death, he died well some would say. But his resurrection? It makes no sense at all. Its why it must be true cause God loves to mess with me. Easter is when all theology fails. All theology fails. We are left with life, left with life.

Some may get it but it makes no sense to me.


Sometimes we don't get it... our mortality gets in the way...

Other times its better just to get the head down and believe - relying on Him and Him alone.

It makes no sense and yet makes perfect sense.

Sometimes you don't need to get it...

You are doing a fantastic work for Him!

Easter blessings from a friend in Motherwell, Scotland.

He IS risen!

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