Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday on the Nickel

Good Friday on the nickel was great. It was a first in recent past for Harbor Light we had a good group show up. We focused our time on the cross.

I want to rant a bit about Good Friday. Our CSM (read lead elder) said it was a great service one of the best because who would have thought we actually focused on the cross. I mean I know what he is talking about soo often I have gone to Good Friday services and it is a joyful time, really skipping the whole thing and focusing on Easter like Easter is more important??????

The mystery for me is that great things happen because of death and pain. Since I hate death and pain that thought messes with me.

Here is the other thing all too often Good Friday become a theological treatise on why the cross had to happen. You know that A word (apologetics or something) But, am I the only one who thinks the cross did not have to happen God chose it? I mean if God is God then God could have done anything he wanted. So why death. And for an intellectual the beauty is that the cross makes no sense. So let us sit in silence for behold God is Dead!

I hope I said it clearly,

Christ, the Son of God is dead today.

Please don't try to figure it out just now.


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