Saturday, May 27, 2006

Family Part 2

Well here we are another day. I re-read my last post posted in sleepiness, Here is the deal, family comes in for a few days, spaced out properly all is well. I do truly love them most of the time. However this baby visiting back to back thing is going to be tiring. Maybe it will be different this time around. Maybe just visiting Aissa will be so time consuming relationships will be kept status quo.

I am thinking now about my decision 10 years ago to move away from all of them. Far away 12 hours at least. The closest I have lived near them since was 5hours from SLC except for a summer. I have never gone back to Seattle except for occasional visits. When you are put in the middle from age 7 the only thing to do is escape. I guess I've been escaping ever since. Good bad? I don't know. I do know I am closer to my wife and friends then any other family members.

So, if you are family and have found this site dedicated to the pursuit of insanity understand please where I come from. I mean really my Mother in Law has been here for almost three weeks, that has been a very long time.


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