Monday, May 01, 2006


Over the past week much has happened but not much at all has happened. Real Live Preacher has an interesting discussion going on about the nature of Scripture (bible) and how we can trust it. If that sort of thing interests you check it out.

Wednesday was our last soldiership class. it went 12 weeks and we will see if any choose to become soldiers. Some may come adherents. Army people, why the double membership. I really don't like it anymore, never did to begin with anyway. My answer? What I told the class, why soldiership? Have an answer I don't have one. I became a soldier only cause I was going to training. Why everyone else? I don't know.

We are still waiting for baby to come. Once baby and pictures I'll post a link.

A special person showed back up we thought she was in Fresno but she is back on the nickel. Sad.

Not much is happening in my head these days. I guess I am tired of retreading all the theology. I mean does it matter? Does it matter what denim you are, theological school, modern postmodern, or any of it? I just don't care. I know what I think. I know what I base everything on but so what?

So here is a thought for today:

What if, you and I are all wrong? And, Can you live with that possibility/reality?

I can in fact I think I do.


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