Sunday, May 14, 2006

This and that...

Well moves out west have come and gone.
We are still on the nickel. Wouldn't trade it for a suburban corps ever.
Just here waiting for the baby, Tolani will be induced tomorrow so we will be parents. I have not been thinking about much lately. Dwight has posted some interesting questions.

I guess I am at a point where even though I still don't like church a lot I can appreciate it because it helps some. Not only that but on the nickel there is a point to it all. Everyone has a common purpose. What we say and do on Sundays actually matter. What I teach is useful. People for better or worse do something with what they learn. They take it back to their world and hopefully enjoy a new life.

What I see though is the failure of the evangelical gospel (4 spiritual laws ect). It just doesn't work. If it was a scientific formula then it would always work. But it doesn't. I think its just naive and simplistic and unbiblical. People at harbor light have prayed the prayer many times over and honestly believing the mantra and still time after time gone back out and used. Where they "saved?" Does it matter? I mean if they are still hurting their families and themselves and not participating in the Kingdom so what if they will go to heaven. They are living in hell. Salvation without life change is no salvation. So maybe we need to re think the whole evangelical project. The gospel Christ taught leads to change. That change is not a future heaven thing its now. I've seen it. So take the comfort of middle class church and keep it. I'll stick with the nickel.


I was at a book release party last night and the author, David Fitch, was discussing exactly that.

In the past it was about getting people to make a decision for Christ at Billy Graham type events. But Jesus asks us not to make a one day decision, but asks us to turn our lives over and become living sacrifices.

So often we stick to old evangelical practices that for the most part cut you off once you have made your decision.

We as a church, and as an Army, need to start spending more time with inidividuals, helping them make life changing decisions.

Glad to hear moves went well for you. Sounds like the community you are in can very much use you.

Peter (Canada)

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