Thursday, June 29, 2006

I Wish

I wish there was more time to sleep, to laugh, to play.
Life no longer my own,
Life so confusing and exhausting,
Life so beautiful, precious,

I sit here waiting for bible study after a very long day.

I remember the days of being at Redondo where often there was little to do, no fires to be put out, a place for silence, for solitude. I remember going into the chapel to meditate in the dark.

The noise is ever present here. Always something, someone, issues, personalities, illness. Always going never stopping. I think I realize now why Jesus would escape, disappear, only to reappear after a while. I wonder what it is that causes us to do what we do, what dives me to work instead of laziness, problem solving instead of blindness.

I wish I had profound thoughts today. Nothing comes, nothing happens, everything is still the same. And so each day I live and do as acting to and for God. I have devotions to KROQ in the morning. So I guess all we can do is live life as Christ came to give us, life so free truly free. So rock on.

PS: "God Gave Rock and Roll to You"


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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Kingdom

I have been thinking a great deal as of late about the Kingdom of God.

I teach primarily out of the sermon on the mount in my bible studies. I'm convinced that somewhere in there the reality of what Jesus was about comes through. I am also convinced that the kingdom is primarily about this life. Wesley understood it in his idea of holiness (perfect love). The Army understood it early on.

But I have a confession: I grew up in white middle class western us churches. Worse yet is that except for a brief stay with some good Presbyterian it was evangelical/Pentecostal to the core. So growing up a relationship with God (if there was one) was learning how to worship or act so you can be a good citizen of heaven since we are aliens on this planet.

I am just now coming to grips with the holdover I have from that once again.

I think here is the issue: for years I was given formulas that didn't work an there was always an answer to the how question.

I am now wondering if there is an answer to how can I enter the kingdom? I mean Jesus never answered it. It told parables and stories. Maybe that is where the beauty lies. It lies in the story. It lies in the lost, the uncommitted, those that think they have all the answers, I guess the answer lies within. No formulas, no easy science, no tests, just simple everyday life.

I guess the secret of the kingdom (McLaren uses six other metaphor's I will talk about later) is that it is here, now.


Why have you not posted for a while?

I hope you are well

By Blogger Andrew Kenny, at 11:13 AM  

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Saturday, June 17, 2006


Today the Harbor Light celebrated the Miracle Club induction. Its a group of people who have completed the program and maintained sobriety for two years so it got me thinking: What exactly is a miracle. I mean rejecting the Pentecostal stuff (I'm being polite now) like Benny him and other "faith healers" left me jaded when it comes to miracles. I mean what do we expect God to do? Often I think we act as though God always heals immediately. Then there is COG (church of god in Christ) evangelist praising God that she was delivered from cocaine. Okay so God enabled you to get clean, so what, a number of people have the disease of addiction is still there. God can heal us but what does that mean. I've never heard of an alcoholic get healed who could go have a social drink. So I guess I'm saying miracles take time. In our drive thru society we want everything now. Tomorrow is too long.

I wonder some times why people turn to me. I'm supposed to offer encouraging words and I find myself just saying stick around it works. I quoting my mentor Father John Patrick Francis Mulcahy I was asked the other day "how" I told him I have no Idea. At least it was not a garbage answer. I just said stick around until it happens. No formula no cute little prayer, just change.

So how do miracles happen, I'm open to any suggestions.


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Thursday, June 15, 2006

This and that

I got to the gym yesterday, no small feat.

Today I sit about to wrap up a 12 hour day. Had a guy I've worked with for about a year dump on me but that is what I am here for I guess. Its hard to see into lives so tore up thinking I could have been there. That sound like my family.

Commissioning has come and gone. I realized that wile seeing people is good, I can wait another year, or two, or twenty. But having a baby was good I avoided the most boring parts.

I guess its a time where you feel important, more important then you really are. Then work hits and you realize that you were "off in never never land"

Moves are upon us, people are packing the whole process does not seem conducive to building churches, but whatever. I'm not out to build a church anyway. I want to see people discover the beauty of God's kingdom.

So, in light of "Secret Message of Jesus" is the church as we know it (the institution in America called church) conducive, destructive, or irrelevant to the Kingdom?

I guess the answer could be yes to all but I'm thinking the answer more often then not is irrelevant. What you say?


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By Blogger prophecy ministry, at 12:58 PM  

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tired, tired, and more tired

Has God ever been thanked for energy drinks? Well they got me through today. Commissioning events are over for another year. It was good to see some old friends I have not seen in a long time. Its good commissioning is over. Now on to budgets and stuff. With Camp in there as well I need vacation in a week!

Now I'm tired.

I have been reading Mclarens book "Secret Message of Jesus" He said something most profound I'll post it later when I find it. It had to do with faith happens not in believing but in practicing (doing). WOW! I love it. Brian is so good with words.

So I had to wear a tie all weekend so now I am free. Did I say its hot outside? It is at least I think so, but 70 is hot. I'm rambling now so I will say Rock on.


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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pictures of Aissa

Here is the link for Aissa's Pictures Password is aissa



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Well tomorrow is Pentecost Sunday. My last sermon for a few weeks. Great!

We exist in a predominately African American congregation where many have been influenced greatly by the Pentecostal. Growing up in it I came away with two beliefs,
1) tongues is often used inappropriately (no interpretation and disruptive)
2) I question why tongues today.

I'm not saying it doesn't exist I just doubt its value. So I will talk. I believe I will focus on the power and equality issues. Pentecost is about God's power for all. I hope to avoid bashing TBN too much (just a bit will do).

Aissa is doing well. Tolani is good.

We will be at camp next week with 50 of our clients. It should be good. Well not much thinking lately. Baby has changed that mostly.


Firstly, your two "beliefs" are not beliefs. One is an opinion and the other is a question.

I am grateful to the Almighty that I don't have to sit through your sermons as reading what you think is enough trash to last a lifetime.

God bless you.

By Blogger veritable, at 1:33 PM  


I really have a problem with your criticism and then closing with God bless you.

If you want to voice your opinion, great, but closing with "God bless you" reeks of spiritual abuse, especially after thanking God that you don't have to sit through the "trash" that Bill thinks.

If you don't like what Bill thinks then why are you reading it?


By Blogger Dwight, at 6:59 AM  

I was not a big fan of the comments left by the others. Seemed a little rough since you were just stating your questions or thoughts.

This may help.

The Founder: The War Cry 1885:
"The had the gift of tongues; they had the gift of healing; these were very remarkable gifts, proving that God was with them, because no man could do these things unless God was operating directly through them. These gifts were useful inasmuch as they called attention to those who possessed them, declared that hte mission of these officers was Divine. No man, therefore, can be condemned for desiring them..."

So the Founder says the gift was present to draw attention to yourself declaring that only God could do this. The same is true today.

Have you sought out the gift as commanded in 1 Corinthains 14:1? You should. It is an essential step to holiness.

Grace to you!

By Blogger primitive salvo, at 6:52 AM  

Oh, Sorry I forgot the first question about interpretation. Paul is not stating a blanket rule for the whole church here just for Corinth.

Check out verse 34-35 of 1 Corinthians 14 where he says the stuff about interpretation. Apply your Army arguements about women in ministry here.

One of the dangers we run into offten is picking and choosing which parts of 1 Cor. 14 we want to interpret literally and which ones we dismiss as Paul only talking to that church.

By Blogger primitive salvo, at 6:55 AM  

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Here We Are

Were we are another day. Had more sleep last night, a very good thing. Tomorrow will be the test.

RLP has posted some thoughts on preaching. I guess I'm struggling with this whole thing because while preaching I enjoy it. However when I'm not I really hate it.

I don't listen to sermons often, I usually look at everyone else or day dream, even when my wife preaches. I would prefer a good teacher then preaching. I see preachers (Jakes and others) on TV and it sound like happy feely crap. I guess that is how I sound some times. I sat through 6 years of theological training being told sermons should take 20 hours a week to prepare. Yah right. Sermons are alive with a direction an end. I just don't see why people stay to listen. I am amazed that there is not a mass exodus out the back door.

But, once it starts I'm in a different world. I enjoy it I'm good at it. Its one thing I do well. I just wonder why people listen. Am I someone worth listening to? Do I make sense to others? Why preach anyway. But Sunday I will stand half awake, and talk about Pentecost. Lord have Mercy.


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