Thursday, June 01, 2006

Here We Are

Were we are another day. Had more sleep last night, a very good thing. Tomorrow will be the test.

RLP has posted some thoughts on preaching. I guess I'm struggling with this whole thing because while preaching I enjoy it. However when I'm not I really hate it.

I don't listen to sermons often, I usually look at everyone else or day dream, even when my wife preaches. I would prefer a good teacher then preaching. I see preachers (Jakes and others) on TV and it sound like happy feely crap. I guess that is how I sound some times. I sat through 6 years of theological training being told sermons should take 20 hours a week to prepare. Yah right. Sermons are alive with a direction an end. I just don't see why people stay to listen. I am amazed that there is not a mass exodus out the back door.

But, once it starts I'm in a different world. I enjoy it I'm good at it. Its one thing I do well. I just wonder why people listen. Am I someone worth listening to? Do I make sense to others? Why preach anyway. But Sunday I will stand half awake, and talk about Pentecost. Lord have Mercy.


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