Thursday, June 29, 2006

I Wish

I wish there was more time to sleep, to laugh, to play.
Life no longer my own,
Life so confusing and exhausting,
Life so beautiful, precious,

I sit here waiting for bible study after a very long day.

I remember the days of being at Redondo where often there was little to do, no fires to be put out, a place for silence, for solitude. I remember going into the chapel to meditate in the dark.

The noise is ever present here. Always something, someone, issues, personalities, illness. Always going never stopping. I think I realize now why Jesus would escape, disappear, only to reappear after a while. I wonder what it is that causes us to do what we do, what dives me to work instead of laziness, problem solving instead of blindness.

I wish I had profound thoughts today. Nothing comes, nothing happens, everything is still the same. And so each day I live and do as acting to and for God. I have devotions to KROQ in the morning. So I guess all we can do is live life as Christ came to give us, life so free truly free. So rock on.

PS: "God Gave Rock and Roll to You"


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