Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Kingdom

I have been thinking a great deal as of late about the Kingdom of God.

I teach primarily out of the sermon on the mount in my bible studies. I'm convinced that somewhere in there the reality of what Jesus was about comes through. I am also convinced that the kingdom is primarily about this life. Wesley understood it in his idea of holiness (perfect love). The Army understood it early on.

But I have a confession: I grew up in white middle class western us churches. Worse yet is that except for a brief stay with some good Presbyterian it was evangelical/Pentecostal to the core. So growing up a relationship with God (if there was one) was learning how to worship or act so you can be a good citizen of heaven since we are aliens on this planet.

I am just now coming to grips with the holdover I have from that once again.

I think here is the issue: for years I was given formulas that didn't work an there was always an answer to the how question.

I am now wondering if there is an answer to how can I enter the kingdom? I mean Jesus never answered it. It told parables and stories. Maybe that is where the beauty lies. It lies in the story. It lies in the lost, the uncommitted, those that think they have all the answers, I guess the answer lies within. No formulas, no easy science, no tests, just simple everyday life.

I guess the secret of the kingdom (McLaren uses six other metaphor's I will talk about later) is that it is here, now.


Why have you not posted for a while?

I hope you are well

By Blogger Andrew Kenny, at 11:13 AM  

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