Saturday, June 17, 2006


Today the Harbor Light celebrated the Miracle Club induction. Its a group of people who have completed the program and maintained sobriety for two years so it got me thinking: What exactly is a miracle. I mean rejecting the Pentecostal stuff (I'm being polite now) like Benny him and other "faith healers" left me jaded when it comes to miracles. I mean what do we expect God to do? Often I think we act as though God always heals immediately. Then there is COG (church of god in Christ) evangelist praising God that she was delivered from cocaine. Okay so God enabled you to get clean, so what, a number of people have the disease of addiction is still there. God can heal us but what does that mean. I've never heard of an alcoholic get healed who could go have a social drink. So I guess I'm saying miracles take time. In our drive thru society we want everything now. Tomorrow is too long.

I wonder some times why people turn to me. I'm supposed to offer encouraging words and I find myself just saying stick around it works. I quoting my mentor Father John Patrick Francis Mulcahy I was asked the other day "how" I told him I have no Idea. At least it was not a garbage answer. I just said stick around until it happens. No formula no cute little prayer, just change.

So how do miracles happen, I'm open to any suggestions.


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