Thursday, June 15, 2006

This and that

I got to the gym yesterday, no small feat.

Today I sit about to wrap up a 12 hour day. Had a guy I've worked with for about a year dump on me but that is what I am here for I guess. Its hard to see into lives so tore up thinking I could have been there. That sound like my family.

Commissioning has come and gone. I realized that wile seeing people is good, I can wait another year, or two, or twenty. But having a baby was good I avoided the most boring parts.

I guess its a time where you feel important, more important then you really are. Then work hits and you realize that you were "off in never never land"

Moves are upon us, people are packing the whole process does not seem conducive to building churches, but whatever. I'm not out to build a church anyway. I want to see people discover the beauty of God's kingdom.

So, in light of "Secret Message of Jesus" is the church as we know it (the institution in America called church) conducive, destructive, or irrelevant to the Kingdom?

I guess the answer could be yes to all but I'm thinking the answer more often then not is irrelevant. What you say?


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