Monday, July 31, 2006



Can you smell it?

Football is back!

Training camps have opened. Sunday is the first pre-season game.

Now, I'm a Seahawk fan no doubt, but mostly I love the game. I grew up a baseball fan in Seattle. Now I find it a bit dull. More action and excitement are needed. There is something about outdoor football you gotta love.

Aissa has had diarrhea for about a week now. Doc keeps trying different stuff. Hopefully it will calm down soon.

Over all I am still adjusting to the fact that we are parents.

I have this young/old thing going on. Relatively speaking I'm young. I'll be 28 in a week and yet I feel so much older. I'm well into my career and married and kid and all and I'm just feeling really old. Some days I feel like I'm 35 or 40 and other days seem like I'm still 20.

In a couple weeks we will celebrate our 3rd anniversary. I can't wait. I love my wife so much. She is the best thing to ever happen to me.


You realize, of course, it's not REAL football Bill!! ;-))

By Blogger John, at 1:27 AM  

hey, found you on sally bloggers. NFL rocks. i'm more of a fan of the game/league as well. you can't be a team fan these days because the team changes every year. really, you're cheering for the clothes. i think seinfeld did a bit on that. keep up the great work.

By Blogger markbraye, at 6:21 PM  

Any chance of reviving your blog? I miss your voice!

By Blogger Mike Morrell, at 12:20 PM  

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Summer Heat

Well its hot here in LA. Too hot!

There is a lot going here and not much all at the same time. Aissa is two months old today and growing. I'm feeling very old.

School is going great. Last week we looked at leadership and ethics, next week we start looking at social justice. The readings and discussions really are outstanding. The process of school has me energized.

Summer means one thing, basketball is over!!!!!!!!! (unfortunately it will be back)
Baseball is here, I used to care a great deal, but now? So what.
Training camp is around the corner!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Football of types and shapes is commons!!!!!!!!!

Soon it will be nice SoCal again with USC and UCLA football running wild.

So all is going well.


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Saturday, July 08, 2006


Well its been a while since I updated. Mom has come and gone so has dad. No more family for a while.

Preached last Sunday on the Dream of God. This Sunday on the "Revolution of God" I'm doing a six week series on the kingdom. I guess I enjoy the idea that life can be different.

I ran into a former client who relapsed the other day. He had lost 20-30 lbs and was just tore up. God I hate it some days. I hate seeing it and not knowing what to say. I hate knowing their problems and not understanding why. I love seeing that he wants back, wants to stay clean.

I have started my Masters program in Nonprofit management. I actually am enjoying the online nature of the class. It is taking a fair bit of time but in the end it will be worth it all.

I'm jacked because football season is just around the corner. Go Seahawks.


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